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Here are some of the ITSF Top ranked players 2016 that will take part in the second edition of the Sofia International Series Event, that will be held in Spor

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Enjoy the Sofia International Series II 2016 TEASER VIDEO Special Credits to Bore Studios & Preslav Belev

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Tournament Schedule

Check out the SCHEDULE of the Sofia International Series 2015 starting from 31 October to 01 November (Friday-Sunday)!

Opening hours is 14:00h. on Friday!

FREE ENTRANCE for all spectators
FREE TEAM COMPETITION PLAY for all participants!

Weare expecting you! Foos & have fun!

You can see a short video presentation of one of the 5 Official ITSF Tables. Sofia International Series 2015 will host 20 Adrenaline tables for the event!

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Official ITSF Roberto Sport IS Tournament Valid for the Ranking of the Sports calendar 2015. Special conditions for the winners. The event will be played on the Official Adrenaline tables.

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