One month to Sofia International Series 2 - 28-30 Oct 2016

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Остава по-малко от месец  до най-мащабното събитие по футбол на маса, организирано у нас. До тук има 5 регистрирани отбора в дисциплината  NATIONAL TEAM EVENT. Това са отборите на Германия, Австрия, Румъния, България и Турция. Информация за събитието тук:

Less than a month to the biggest Foosball event in Bulgaria! 5 team registered for the team competition: Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Romania and Turkey! Over 100 players are playing the single and double competitions so far!
Register at: info! and see the list with the players here:

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SPECIAL Winner Awards

The 1-st PLACE Winners of the Open & Women Singles Disciplines as well as NEW: all the winners in the Speedball and Classic Competitions for each category will receive their  PRIZE MONEY  and in addition they will win a  SPECIAL WILD CARD  to participate in the most prestigeous ITSF competition World Championships 2017 - held once every 2 years! Moreover they will win 250 EUR TRAVEL PACKAGE  each! Good luck to everyone!